New: From Nod's Way, Decisive Action!


Inner Awareness Through Nod's Way: A Personal Encounter With 'The Destiny Spread"


   by Amanda Kimmerly


In a spread I’ve created specifically for Nod’s Way, you can explore four lines of energy: what you are feeling, being, doing, and having in context to the subject, or your general disposition.  Within these quadrants, there is also an opportunity to explore what you could be feeling, being, doing, and having.  I’ve called it “The Destiny Spread,” as a tribute to Ghandi’s.... continued here!


See full article for Amanda's video demonstration! 








Breathe, Cast, and See: Using Nod's Way During a Ten-Day Period



So often we use guides to navigate our awareness. Horoscopes, stocks. For me, it's been a peculiarity my entire life: spotting numbers on the clock that "meant" something I'd assigned, based on an observed pattern.  I had my 'doom' numbers, my 'luck' numbers, donning every license plate, clock, receipt.  Even in high school science, I grew familiar with the periodic table of elements not for its chemical properties, but how the acronyms could spell out cryptic hints of circumstance, like a Ouija board. I was born oracle-minded, before I knew that’s what it was called.  

Since my knowledge of oracles, I’ve used the I Ching, Tarot, synchronicities, and even poetry to light the way.

And for the past two years, I’ve relied on one more guidebook...."  Continued here.



Fool Me Once: 11 Rookie  

Nightmares from Authors 

Who Now Know Better


"I had a run-in with Random House and Simon & Schuster,

which sounds glamorous but amounted to nothing…."  



Dvarsh Lesson - Conjugation  

of Falling and Rising Verbs



"Verb conjugation is very much like a word puzzle.  Did we choose?  Or did we choosing?   Has she run, or has she runnen?  The rules allow us…."




ComicPalooza 2013: 

Photos & Workshops


"What a blast! Here are some snapshots from Comicpalooza

(click to enlarge!). A special thanks to everyone who attended

our Inventing a Language workshop...."







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Dvarsh Font: A Bold   




"Dvarsh BOLD font is  're-imagined from the original typeface,

from a calligraphic script to typography.'  Simply put, this means

Robert has completed the new set of characters for Dvarsh BOLD,

and is ready to take them forward into the software that will turn

Dvarsh into a font…."






a sample. thanks, y'all. 





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